Specialty Dildos (Dicks, Cocks)
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Specialty Dildos (Dicks, Cocks) - Sex Toys

Specialty Dildos (Cocks, Dicks) | Sex ToysA specialty dildo is usually a dick or cock made out of a special material such as jello, glass, silicone, double headed wth a comfortable feel in mind. The focus is on the size, color and shape. Just imagine having sex with your favorite porn star and make all your fantasies a reality. All our like like dildos (dicks, cocks) are safe and PHAHALATE free, made out of long lasting silicone materials.

Purchase your specialty dildo (cock, dick) from our carefully selected sex toys inventory. Choose amongst popular porn star dildos (cocks, dicks) molded for your pleasure and enjoy a sexual experience like you have never felt before.

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Types of Specialty Dildos (Dicks, Cocks) - Sex Toys

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